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Summer Special!

Maria Cruz and Casa Conmigo present:

Women´s special summer Yin Yoga Retreat
– for rejuvenation & healing

This summer Yin Yoga special week is given by Maria Cruz at Casa Conmigo (July 9 – 16)

Maria Cruz, from sweet lotus yoga will host a Yin Yoga retreat at Casa Conmigo from the 9th until  the 16th of July 2021.

This special Yin Yoga week is absolutely designed for YOU if you recognize your need to heal from stress and Trauma, to feel deeper connection with yourself and to learn powerful ways to enhance the quality of physical and mental  life.

Making time for yourself to heal and rejuvenate it is very important in these days of challenging changes you have been asked to endure.

Give yourself permission to come into a place of resting and reconnecting with your true self through the guided practice of yin fascial Yoga; breath awareness; meditation; yoga nidra; silence and mindfulness, supported by delicious food prepared with love by Antonieta  using seasonal,local, organic whole(S.L.O.W.) ingredientes as a tradition at Casa Conmigo.

During this week you will be fully guided and supported into grounding in your body, recognizing your emotions and needs; also relaxing the nervous system and allowing your entire physical and mental systems to re-wire, rejuvenate and heal by letting go of stress, traumatic memories and other “stuff” that don´t help you on your life path to feeling empowered as a woman.

This is an opportunity to unleash the happier you and free your body from stifness while increasing your mobility and  sense of freedom within your physical and mental bodies.